Who arewe

M-Social is a team of developers specializing in the development of web sites, services and mobile applications.

Since 2008, our company has been developing projects for large brands. We are constantly developing and every year the projects we implement are more complex and interesting.


#1 The team is our main secret of success. These are professionals who are passionate about their work, for whom respect and help are not empty words.
#2 Development we value the desire to develop in our employees and try to stimulate this desire in every way. If you develop , our company develops.
#3 Responsibility for the result we are responsible to our customers for the high quality of our projects, so we appreciate the contribution of each employee to the results of our work.
#4 Safety and comfort we are constantly working to ensure that our employees are comfortable to work.
#5 Flexibility we appreciate the opportunity to solve any issue in such a way that the solution suits all parties. And this does not require a paper routine - we know how to talk)
#6 HDF honesty, decency, friendliness. This is the foundation on which our internal communications and work with clients are built.

Whatawaits you

#1 Loyal management and responsive team: we are aimed at mutual assistance and assistance to each other in solving any issues.
#2 Transparency and honesty: we have a white salary, which is paid on time, and even increases as you develop.
#3 Projects: we almost never have the same projects, but we are constantly working with new and interesting tasks.
#4 Training: We are interested in your growth. To do this, we conduct regular statuses and code reviews with newcomers, as well as meetings to exchange experience. We also have corporate English for everyone.
#5 Comfort: Our office, with comfortable workplaces and powerful hardware for work, is located in the center of the Sovetsky district. There is a recreation room and a kitchen, with all the necessary equipment. Free coffee and tea.
#6 Recreation: We arrange Friday gatherings, where we communicate in an informal atmosphere, play the guitar, play board games and just relax. We regularly organize field corporate events.

we are looking for

At the moment there are no active vacancies